Nail Fungus Treatment







Above you can see some amazing results “before” and “after” the laser treatment, (understand that these nails are not fully grown and will continue to improve) remember, it takes 6-9 months to see significant results, this is the nature of the growth of the toenail. As the “after” nails continue to grow they will become more and more clear. The average person may start to see results in 3-4 months. Without treatment a fungal nail becomes a reservoir of germs that allows it to spread within the nail and on the skin. It is not uncommon for someone with nail fungus (onychomycosis) to get repetitive attacks of athletes foot (tinea pedis) between, bottom and tops of toes and the foot, in some cases causing a break in the skin which then can result in bacterial infections. Perhaps not your situation, but with time the conditon may worsen. This is why so much effort has gone into other treatment options…to find a treatment that is effective, safe and simple to do…hence, the PinPointe Laser.


Does it work?

Clinical studies began in November 2007 report an 88% success rate with limited number of cases; current studies with larger case numbers show 68%-88% depending on type of infected nail which is still better than traditional topical and oral medications. Those that fell within the lower range of this study had more severely infected nails that had a wider range of success or even failure. Partially infected nails are around an 80% success rate. We are learning more as more studies are completed. Simple answer, yes, it works, and actually does very well compared to other treatment options. Whether its for you is your decision, but we encourage a visit to get yourself educated on what laser treatment can offer you with the type of infection you have.

How does it work?

The Laser’s patented design shines a high powered laser light into the nail and heats the fungus without damage to the nail or surrounding skin. The nail does not instantly change, but should grow out clear and free of fungus over the next 6-9 months, some people take a little longer. You may notice a visible change in 3-4 months.

Is the procedure painful?

Most people feel no pain. Some people feel a warming sensation at times and very few people feel an occasional pinprick sensation.

How long does the procedure take?

The laser procedure itself takes about 15-30 minutes depeding on degree of infection. Plan on your entire visit taking about 1 hour.

Is there a recovery period?

No, just walk in and walk out!

When can I paint my nails?

You can apply polish immediately after the treatment, however, we advise to wait, and to use our recommended topical medication and then once condition is improving or resolved to use a treated nail polish like our Dr.’s Remedy nail polish.

Are all toenails treated even if there is only one that appears infected?

Yes. This is the recommendation by those physicians who have been doing this the longest. Fungus lives on your skin and nails even though some of the nails look clear. Success is improved by treating the pathogens around and under all the nails. It can be quite frustrating to spend the money and time on treating 1 or 2 nails and then see them get reinfected due to surrounding fungus.

Will the fungus come back?

The fungus in the nails is killed after the appropriate treatment protocol which can be multiple treatments, however, the doctor typically recommends ongoing home care techniques to reduce recurrence of the infection as this bug lives all around us.

Is the procedure covered by insurance?

Not at this time. You may use your Health Savings Account or Medical IRA. In most situations this procedure is considered aesthetic and not covered by insurance plans. We will not bill your insurance for the procedure.

How much does the procedure cost?

It depends on how many nails are involved. We recommend that you contact our office so that we can better inform you of the cost.

How do I pay for the procedure?

We accept Cash, most Credit Cards, Money Orders. You may also use your Medical IRA, Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account.

If I know I want to do the procedure, do I have to make a consultation visit prior to scheduling the procedure?

No. We respect your time and know that some patients will be traveling from a distance. In this situation, please understand that the doctor will still determine if you are a candidate for the procedure, answer questions and make recommendations for managing the condition.

Is it safe?

Yes. In clinical studies there have been no adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side effects. As you may know, the use of medication available today for treatment of nail fungus carries with it possible systemic involvement (commonly the liver and kidney). This laser treatment does not, however, there are always possible risks that are unkown.

What do I need to do before I come in for the procedure?

Remove any nail polish or nail decorations the day before, bring in your payment method, you may want to bring in your iPod or MP3, favorite book, to help you relax and then relax!

Is it FDA cleared?

Not yet. This is ongoing. It potentialy takes months to years to get this to happen. The anticipation is sooner than later. The Foot Laser is intended for use in the following areas: podiatry, dermatology & plastic surgery, otolaryngology, and general and cosmetic dentistry.

When can I paint my nails?

You can apply polish immediately after the treatment, however, we advise to wait, and to use our recommended topical medication twice daily until all nails are free and clear of the fungus (onychomycosis) infection.

If I know I want to do the procedure, do I have to make a consultation visit prior to scheduling the procedure?

We prefer to have you meet with our staff to review your particular condition and most times if you are a good candidate you can be treated that day.

Is it FDA cleared?

Yes! There are only a few lasers to have FDA review and approval for use with this condition. We offer this laser treatment along with many years of experience to treat your condition.